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Electronic Cigarette Cartridges

Electronic cigarettes are the latest alternative to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes, also called e-cigarettes, simulate the tobacco cigarette by heating a liquid nicotine solution called e-solution, contained in a disposable cartridge; which creates vapor to be inhaled by the e-cigarette user. Electronic cigarette cartridges are an important component of the cigarette, and come in many varieties.

What are electronic cigarette cartridges?
E-cigarette cartridges are usually referred to as a mouth piece. This is because out of the two openings of the cartridge, one is to be placed in the mouth of the ‘smoker’. The other end of the cartridge is attached to the atomizer-the heating element of the e-cigarette. Each cartridge has a small plastic cup for holding a sponge-like absorbent material saturated with a flavored nicotine solution that has been diluted in propylene glycol. This solution when vaporized via the atomizer, creates a vapor to be inhaled. This vaporized solution can be nicotine-based or nicotine free.  Once the liquid content of the cartridge is depleted, the cartridge can be refilled or replaced.

Look and feel of an e-cigarette cartridge:
Electronic cigarette cartridges are designed to look like the filter of traditional cigarettes, with tapered or rounded ends. They are usually available in brown and black colors.  A few manufacturers also create them in other colors like red, blue, pink, etc. E-cigarette cartridges are usually made up of plastic.

Types of electronic cigarette cartridges:
The two main types of e-cigarette cartridges available in the market are pre-filled cartridges and empty cartridges.

Pre-filled cartridges:
These types of cartridges contain a small piece of absorbent material, soaked with e-liquid solution. The absorbent material, which is the cartridge filler eventually dries up, as the cigarette is used. When the e-liquid dries up, it can be refilled with nicotine solution of different flavors and strengths.

Empty cartridges:
These cartridges come without any nicotine solution, which can be filled up with different types of nicotine solution of the user’s choice.

Flavors of e-cigarette cartridges:
Along with the flavor of the traditional cigarette, the cartridges come in a variety of flavors to serve the individual preferences of all users. Other popular flavors include menthol, cherry, vanilla, strawberry, peppermint, coffee, cola, chocolate, etc.

Interchangeability of one brand of e-cigarette cartridge with another brand of e-cigarette:

Depending upon parts, there are 3 basic styles of e-cigarettes:

1.            The two-piece E-9 (9mm style),
2.            The two-piece E-8 (8mm style), and
3.            The trio or three-piece design.

Cartridges belonging to the cigarette of a particular style can be used with another brand of cigarette of the same style.

Nicotine strength of e-cigarettes:
Nicotine strength of e-cigarettes is defined by the concentration of nicotine in the solution contained in the cartridges. The higher the nicotine strength of the cartridge, the more similar it is to the experience of smoking traditional cigarettes. This gives the flexibility to the user to choose their preferred level of nicotine they want to inhale. The nicotine strength is often printed on the liquid cartridge or bottle to inform e-cigarette users. The following five nicotine level ranges available are:

1.            Zero (0 mg) i.e., no nicotine at all.
2.            Low (6–8mg )
3.            Medium ( 10–14mg)
4.            High (16-18mg)
5.            Extra-high doses (24–36mg).

Lifespan of an e-cigarette cartridge:
The cartridge of an electronic cigarette lasts depending upon the following two factors:

1. Model of the e-cigarette and cartridge
2. Frequency of use of the e-cigarette.

Models of e-cigarette cartridges:
There are three major models of cartridges that are available in the market:

1. The pen style, cigar and pipe cartridges: These cartridges are usually equivalent to 10 or more tobacco cigarettes.
2. The mini size e-cigarettes: These cartridges are equivalent to approximately 3 to 6 tobacco cigarettes
3. The super mini sized e-cigarettes: These cartridges usually have small parts and are roughly equivalent to 2 to 4 tobacco cigarettes.

Cost of e-cigarette cartridges:
There are different varieties of e-cigarette cartridges available in the market at varying costs. It is however, to be kept in mind that you may end up compromising on quality if you go for lesser priced brands. If you want to save money on e-cigarettes, you should order the catridges in bulk. Before ordering in large quantities, make sure that you have tried and tested a few brands so as to order the one which you have found to be the most preferable for yourself.

With e-cigarettes, you get the freedom of choosing your own cartridge which comes in a variety of colors, flavors, nicotine strengths, models and price; and you can therefore, customize your own smoking experience! It is always good to have more options.

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